LJY Consulting offers a range of flexible, practically oriented online training packages. These options are suitable for analysts, mangers and Executive staff involved in the delivery of intelligence, risk and other analytical outputs.


Peer review for analysts & managers

This program will step you through exactly how to request and provide peer review, including techniques for improving quality without tears. Consistent application of this technique will – more than any other strategy – lift staff capability, encourage teamwork and significantly reduce editing time for managers.

  • What is ‘peer review’?
  • How to seek peer review
  • How to provide peer review
  • Finalising a reviewed document
  • Additional advice for mangers


Building an enterprise risk framework

This program will walk you though, step by step, exactly how to build simple yet effective enterprise risk framework that is also tailored for your organisation. Grounded strategies that cover each aspect of the process, along with lots of practical examples.
  • Classifying types of organisational risk
  • Key risk framework artefacts
  • Structures, framing & language
  • Risk consequence matrix
  • Mapping organisational risk
  • Organisational risk policy
  • Reviewing & monitoring
  • Dealing with strategic risk


Effective strategic intelligence

Of all the three primary streams, strategic intelligence is easily the most difficult to build and operate successfully. This program sets out a range of straightforward techniques to help managers and their staff to be effective in this often challenging space.
  • Connecting to decision frameworks & decision-makers
  • Driving tasking discussions & planning tasks
  • Identifying & recruiting the right people
  • Managing strategic analysts & functions
  • Framing effective strategic advice
  • Creating space for the unexpected

The Practical Intelligence Analyst

It’s sometimes said that Intelligence analysts are ‘wired a bit differently’. While this is true, it’s really just the start. Thorough training in the concepts and tradecraft is essential for success and to support the delivery of high quality analysis. While this program draws from ​theory and literature, it ​focuses on developing the practical workplace skills required for success.
  • Foundation concepts
  • The ‘intelligence cycle’
  • The Practical analyst
  • Practical analytical tools
  • Practical communication
  • General knowledge

The Practical Intelligence Manager

  • Introduction to managing intelligence
  • Managing down
  • Managing up
  • Managing the function
  • Managing yourself

For Intelligence Executives

  • What is intelligence?
  • What can intelligence do for me?
  • What are the limitations?
  • Efficient & effective delivery
  • Getting the best outcome