Deliver more from your analysis function

LJY Consulting is a specialised consulting service that will help your organisation to deliver maximum value from analysis-based functions.

Intelligence and risk functions should provide decision-advantage.

Investment should create a ‘force-multiplier’ effect by providing insights that help your organisation to do more with less. While many organisations invest heavily in staff and technology, this alone will not deliver the best outcomes.

This is where LJY Consulting can help. By examining your system as a whole – its people, its structures and processes, its inputs and outputs – we will develop a holistic, tailored strategy to ensure your organisation is generating the most from its investment.

There are a range of cost-effective strategies that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your analysis-based function, and by extension, your entire organisation.

LJY Consulting can provide:

  • Training for analysts, managers, and Executive staff
  • Independent assessment of capability building options
  • Evaluations of effectiveness at the team, function or agency level
  • Human factors advisory (e.g. recruitment, retention and culture)
  • Delivery of best-practice strategy and frameworks
  • Establishing support tools & frameworks for improved outcomes
  • Document review and tailored improvement strategies
  • Organisational structure / culture reviews
  • Professional mentoring of specialist staff


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Getting the right people and providing the right training and tools is critical to success. However, the right organisational culture and supporting structures are also essential to the consistent and effective transformation of data and information into decision-advantage.

Sometimes organisations suffer from knowing very well how their operations and industry work. Time pressure to deliver on today’s tasks presents additional challenges. These factors can make it exceptionally difficult to identify and implement more innovative solutions.

Consider it this way: what if your analysis-based function was 10% more effective, using it’s existing resources? What about 20% or 30%? Perhaps the annual investment can be reduced by a similar proportion without impacting outcomes? What kind of saving would these scenarios deliver for your organisation?

Contact LJY Consulting to ensure you are making the most effective use of your investment in your analysis-based function.