As the Principal of LJY Consulting, Lisa Jane (‘LJ’) Young offers more than 20+ years’ experience in the intelligence, risk and policy spheres. In addition to consulting roles, she has worked as an expert advisor to the tertiary sector and as an Executive in both public and private sectors.

While drawing on extensive formal training, LJ’s preference is to develop practical strategies for the workplace with a particular focus on human factors.

‘Lisa has an excellent communication style and is able to draw on a broad range of experience across domains and professional networks… she is thoughtful and insightful and a measure of regard with which I hold her is in the fact that she was instrumental in helping us to solve a problem that had been widely regarded as ‘unsolvable’ after years of consideration by many professional regulators from numerous different fisheries agencies.’

Senior Manager, Tim Green

Dept. of Primary Industries & Regional Development

LJ is the co-author of ‘Managing Intelligence: The Art of Influence’, published by Federation Press in 2010. This was the first text to address the question of how an intelligence function should be managed in the contexts of law enforcement, the regulatory sector and private sector. It provides clear guidance to staff elevated from the analytical ranks to oversee the function.

Since 2000, LJ has worked with:

  • The Hunt Laboratory for Intelligence Research (Intelligence Principal)
  • Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (Manager of Group Strategic Intelligence; Joint Analyst Group; Strategic Change Team; and Risk and Internal Audit)
  • Department of Agriculture (Consultant to Fisheries)
  • Australian Taxation Office (Director of Intelligence Capability and Strategic Intelligence)
  • Charles Sturt University (Lecturer in Criminal Intelligence)
  • Insurance Australia Group (Senior Intelligence and Risk Analyst)
  • New South Wales Police Force (Senior Intelligence Analyst)

LJ holds a Master of Public Policy and Management (Melbourne University, 2020); a Master of Arts (Criminal Intelligence) (Charles Sturt University, 2005) and a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) (Honours) (University of New South Wales, 1997).

2020 has provided an unexpected space to begin work on a series of new training modules that set out a range of generic yet deeply practical and effective strategies to better manage risk in organisations.

Materials will include the creation of frameworks and delivery of assessments, also practical approaches to manage the ‘human factors’ that are critical to success, such as building risk culture, implementing peer review and engaging with decisions-makers.

LJ’s full curriculum vitae is available here.