Holistic solutions
for sustainable improvement

There are a million consulting firms out there who are well placed to address the usual organisational challenges like restructures, adopting new technology and efficiency reviews.

LJY Consulting is not one of these.

Rather, we specialise in one very specific space: getting the very best from your analysis-based function. The investment is often large, but rarely does it deliver all that it could.

For us, the successful delivery of outcomes from a consulting engagement requires a very clear understanding of ‘what success looks like’ from your perspective. (We can also help your organisation to mark this out more clearly if needed.)

Our approach draws on international best practice, but aims to generate tangible value – such as improved quality, greater efficiency, more robust analytical processes or better transparency – for your specific agency and operating context. What works in one setting may not be suitable for another.

LJY Consulting can provide your organization with:

  • Training for analysts, managers, and Executive staff
  • Independent assessment of capability building options
  • Evaluations of effectiveness at the team, function and/or agency level
  • Human factors advisory (e.g. recruitment, retention and culture)
  • Delivery of best-practice strategy and frameworks
  • Identification / advice for specific analytical techniques
  • Establishing support tools and frameworks for improved outcomes
  • Document review and tailored improvement strategies
  • Low-cost (and no-cost) options for professional development
  • Organizational structure / culture reviews
  • Professional mentoring of specialist staff

LJY Consulting is also available to undertake defined analytical tasks.

Our approach is collaborative and aims to deliver solutions that are simple, sustainable, effective and relatively low-cost.